Our last monster for this mini series!

Squids in an armored salt shaker, the daleks have been the Doctor’s oldest and probably most recognizable foe. With their iconic, (though ridiculous) design, easily imitated voice, and their bumbly movements, the daleks have always been equal parts scary to cute.

When their home world of Scaro became flooded with radiation, the then mutated kaleds became known as daleks, who shielded themselves in cybernettic armored casings and they never left. Basically space nazi trashcans, they’ve grown to hate everything that isn’t dalek, and go out of their way to exterminate all other forms of life. Over the years the daleks have been in numerous episodes of Doctor Who and have gone through many different changes from bump colors, to size and rank, to being able hover over things (to overcome their inability to use stairs). While there have been dozens of variants of dalek, their overall design has always stayed the same and you can recognize one in Doctor Who in an instant.

The daleks were first seen in The Daleks, and have been featured in over 35 episodes of Doctor Who.